Corporate Services for Businesses

Clarion works with companies to provide strong support and a comprehensive full service for companies raising capital or promoting their businesses.


Clarion Invest provides a variety of services to businesses & developers

In order to provide a well rounded and comprehensive service to our corporate clients Clarion has partnered with some of the most experienced companies and advisors. This ensures you have all your questions answered from day one and allows for much more efficient execution of your capital raising project.

capital introduction

Clarion works to provide and affect quality introductions between companies raising capital, growth or bridge financing with eligible investors.

Through years of experience Clarion has developed a compliant process to get the right kind of investor looking at your business.

We understand your reputation means everything and can be very delicate to handle in any venture. This is why we pride ourselves on providing the most professional and well rounded service for companies seeking funding solutions.

Corporate Advisory

Through the company’s extensive network of partnerships Clarion is able to introduce you to the right companies to handle your corporate finance objectives. From early stage paperwork and legal opinions to compliance and regulatory guidance with unlisted or listed offerings.

Clarion is able to provide you with experienced referrals to corporate finance companies that can handle such tasks as;

  • Pre-IPO structuring

  • Section 21 Regulatory Compliance

  • IPO and Listing services